Spring Break Vaca or Nah

Jimmy Danielczyk, Reporter

As the third quarter comes to an end, spring break rolls up. After having a long cold winter, students look forward to traveling with their families and friends during this week off of daily homework and test preparations.

“It’s nice to take a break from school” Tony O’Toole (’18) said, “Especially when you’re sleeping in late and pumping iron day by day.”

Students are super caught up in keeping their grades up and, as a junior, preparing for a university, trade, career, or community college; that having a whole week off to relax will give these hardworking students time to kick back and enjoy life.

Spring break is a whole week off of hard work in the classroom, many students take advantage and go on a vacation with family or friends.

“My friends and I are going on a cruise” Kara Schmidt (’18) said “leaving from Florida and going to Mexico.”

“This spring break will be one of the best yet” Sam Schaefer (’18) said, “first going to the Masters and then laying out in the sun at OBX.”

Although spring break is one of the best times for students to go on a long vacation, some students are restricted that opportunity from sports. There’s no rule that can restrict these students from going on vacation however coaches do have the power to not play their athletes if practices are “skipped”.

“It sucks because I was supposed to go to Mexico with the fam but skipping lacrosse practices will almost guarantee that I won’t see the field” Connor Richardson (’18) said.

With the exception of wanting to be a successful team, coaches should allow some flexibility allowing these student athletes time to enjoy life on a vacation.

Spring break eases the stress and taking a much deserved time off. Breaks like these are so important to have because it allows the human brain to cool off and prevent intense levels of stress.

Stress has an impact on healthy behaviors like exercising, sleeping well and eating healthy foods” The American Psychological Association Survey said.

Stress is dangerous to children, teens, and even young adults because it can harm their physical state and lead to depression and an unhealthy diet.

After spring break students are right back into the grind with school work. Fourth quarter is one of those quarters to either make or break your grade so to speak. Keeping your grades up to suit you for finals. When finals comes, stress in students rises through the roof, retaining all the information you have learned throughout the entire school year. Bombing the final will result in a lower letter grade from your average.

“Finals week is by far the most stressful week because it has a huge effect on your grades” Jd Nozemack (’18) said.

Once you get passed finals week and summer starts is where a huge weight is lifter off students shoulders. Finally having a larger break off of school to enjoy the nice weather, surely does the trick of relieving stress. Now both school and sports are back up to relaxing.