Mr. Keith Seergae


Anna Knepley, Co Editor-in-Chief

Coming with years of experience at Towson, Parkville, Perry Hall, and Woodlawn, Mr. Keith Seergae launches his 29th year teaching mathematics. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Math Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s from Towson University.  

Seergae is excited to teach Trigonometry again this year after a few years focusing on other areas of mathematics; he also teaches an Engineering course at Johns Hopkins University and likes making connections between the college coursework and Trigonometry content. He thinks Trig is one of the most useful math subject areas and knows students will apply concepts they learn in future jobs.  

Seergae eagerly anticipates bonding with students and helping them not only with math work, but with navigating high school, especially his freshman classes.  

“My goal honestly is just for students to not hate math,” Seergae said. “For them to just kind of enjoy the fact that math can be fun, it can be interesting, and it can be something everyone can do.” 

He looked forward to joining Hereford’s staff due to the school’s outstanding reputation and having a chance to refresh his career. Seergae also sought to reduce his commute time and HHS was the perfect combination of all the above.