Recent snowfall predicts an eventful season for snow club

Aleia Yeager, Reporter

The east coast is not recognized for its snow conditions. The day of snowfall filled with glistening leaves and fluffy powder that envelops everything in sight, and the next day being slushy, wet surroundings. However, the year of 2022 has granted Maryland skiers and snowboarders some of the best conditions imaginable.  

While the actual snowfall builds the base layer, temperatures in the mid 20’s have granted ski resorts the opportunity to blow more snow. Liberty Mountain Resort and Roundtop Mountain Resort are the closest to and most popular skiing destinations for Hereford. Snow club visits one of these once every week for a total of eight trips. Beginning the season with Roundtop, snow club visited the resort on Jan. 12.  

So far, Roundtop’s parking lots have been packed with eager boarders and skiers, causing long lines at the lifts. Compared to the 2021 snow season, there’s a major increase in crowds. The j-bar terrain park remains in its traditional location, but the main terrain park has moved to the Susquehanna run. Barrels, rails, and knuckles are the main attractions and hopefully the park staff will continue to build their kickers on Fife and Drum, but it’s yet to say because it’s so early. 

  Liberty remains the same, with their terrain park on the front-side of the mountain. Again, knuckles and rails are the most common because it’s early and also it’s difficult for Liberty to build massive kickers with their limited space. Since Snow Club is offered to all grade levels, there’s a wide range of skill. It’s a great deal that allows starters to learn and also for the more experienced to get practice. On the backside, Lower Eastwind has some steep moguls, which is something to be avoided at a beginner level.  

2022 grants a promising season with different jumps and constructions at terrain, a nice layer of powder, and hopefully the consistent snowing foreshadows the season to be long and enjoyable for everyone.