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Is release time excessive? No

One of the perks of being a high school senior is release time. In order to graduate, students must have a minimum of 18 credits. Many seniors have already completed their credits which leaves extra time in their schedules so they can go home, work, take classes at CCBC like Criminal Justice, Sociology, Women’s Studies and Communications, or do an internship. 

According to a survey, after Hereford students leave school, which is usually after their third period, a majority of them either go to an internship or work at a job. 

Haley Hamel(‘24) has an internship at the school library by helping put books on shelves or helping students navigate tools on computers or technology in the library. 

“I get hands-on work experience through the convenience of working through the school,” Hamel said. 

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Release time allows students to get ahead in life because most students spend their time outside of school preparing for life after graduation by earning college credits, making money to pay for tuition, and working in a field of interest. Matt Campbell (‘24) only comes to school on B days for three class periods. While he is not in school, he works for a welding company as an apprentice. 

“I want to go into welding as a career, so being able to get a headstart on knowing what to do puts me at an advantage in the trade,” Campbell said. “I also make money by doing it so I’m already going to school and working at the same time.”

Seniors should also be allowed time to relax, the final year of high school should be spent making memories since this is the final year before entering the real world. So not all time should be spent focused on school. They have been focused on education for the past 12 years. Rather, students should do more fun activities like going out and enjoying their last moments of childhood. 

 Release time allows students to spend their last moments as kids before having to face the reality of real world problems like taxes, investments, and work life. 

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