New pasture grows Ag department


Sydney Goorevitz

Nick Geppi (’23), Jake Gillispie (’24) and Giselle Barke (’24) help fix the new pasture to prevent one of the goats from jumping the fence.

Sydney Goorevitz, Features Editor

As their year progresses, the Ag Mechanics class continues to build the department by adding new animals to campus. Students then collaborated and decided to add more pastures to increase our animal family. This way the animal population can grow, and they can be saved from the slaughterhouse.  

When planning the pasture layout, Mr. Jean-Paul Bibaud wanted to put it in a place that is not only safe, but visible to students. First the fence was built and then the pasture plan was then built by the Ag Mechanic Class. It was divided into seven main teams, with Ag Interns Nick Geppi (’23) and Willy Price (’23) taking the lead. After each fence was built, they inspected it to ensure its Hereford High quality. So that students can be proud of the school grounds.  

“Every day, students can park and are able to see the pasture when they walk into school,” Bibaud said.  

The area near the lower lot was a wasteland filled with cans, trash, and bags. Bibaud wanted to clean up the lot and make it something unique to the school. He hopes to clear land to create more pleasant views that can be seen from the old pasture, the football field, and from the building.  

In the future students across Hereford hope to have many different types of animals to add onto their learning.  

“I really hope to get pigs in the future that can be used in the pasture,” Tori Taylor (’25) said.  

With the area clean and open, it makes a great place to walk around the school for nature walks, while seeing many animals and greenery. Making Hereford even more unique due to its agriculture that is not in any school in the county.