Principal Covert introduces new school rules


Caroline Daily

Principal Covert proudly shows off Hereford’s many awards.

Henry Hottenstein, Opinion Editor

Enforcing new school rules, Robert Covert steps in as Hereford’s new principal after Mr. Joe Jira’s retirement. For example, students who want to leave class now must sign out and sign back in and use a special pass.  

Phones are to be turned off and put away in class unless permission is given by a teacher, in an attempt to keep students from being distracted or not listening by wearing hidden earbuds. All doors must be closed and locked at all times to ensure student safety.  

All teachers must follow the new grading policy. Late work must be turned in after six days of the original due date and teachers do not have to accept tardy work if it is not related to an unexcused absence.   

In order to be eligible for a redo, students must complete the original assignment on time, complete the learning plan (redo form), and complete the redo within six school days of the posted grade or earlier.