Epstein Eats Episode One: Orange Chicken Day

Jake Epstein, Content Editor

 Full video review on Instagram @hharbinger

On Feb 25. the cafeteria served up the Chinese American dish of orange chicken. Students lined up out the door to get a taste of BCPS’ concoction.

Appearance-wise, the dish was nothing special. A generous helping of chicken bites on top of brown rice was accompanied by a whole grain dinner roll. However, appearance does not make a meal.

On the first bite, the chicken was overwhelmingly sweet, but it was palatable. It was certainly not the pinnacle of orange chicken, yet it fit the bill for a typical cafeteria meal. The brown rice, while nutritious, was rather dry and tanked the culinary experience a tad.

All things considered; the dish earns a four-point-four out of a possible 10 on the newly established Epstein Cafeteria Food Scale. This is not the best that the cafeteria has to offer; however, it was an interesting deviation from their typical cuisine.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Epstein Eats, where a dish of the audience’s choice will be consumed. Use the following link to vote for what food should be eaten on Episode Two: https://forms.gle/TwF9PTYnTsWJVhCd9