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Students clear for takeoff with new flight simulator

Anna DeLibro, Community Editor February 21, 2020

Learning to drive a car is almost every teenager’s rite of passage, but what if students began leaving high school with more than just a driver’s license?  Beginning next year, a brand-new course...

Online Etsy shops provide platform for custom made items

Online Etsy shops provide platform for custom made items

Rebecca Meldron, Reporter February 21, 2020

Hobbies are important because people need an escape. Life can get stressful and having the time you need to do something just for you and something you love is important. Some people have found interesting...

English department welcomes new teacher

Cristina Drecchio, Reporter February 12, 2020

Hereford welcomes a new member, Carol Brown as the newest addition to the English department. Brown began her time here last year as a long-term substitute for English and Yearbook teacher Jamie Burgess.   Brown...

Hereford Fire Company continues statewide Santa tradition

January 6, 2020

Many students can recount past Decembers, watching Santa pass by their homes, not in a sleigh, but a firetruck. There are many traditions nestled and incorporated into our community, and the annual holiday...

Teachers participate in steel band for winter concert

Rebecca Meldron, Reporter January 6, 2020

The winter concert is an annual tradition, bringing Christmas spirt before the holidays. The in-school winter concert was Dec. 19, kicking off the winter break. It featured performances by chamber choir,...

Students spread holiday cheer through Secret Santa

Cristina Drecchio, Reporter January 6, 2020

It’s officially the time of year we’ve all been waiting desperately for the holiday season is upon us. As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, families in the area begin to prepare for the...

Borton owns an account for her dog Lulu.  She started this account in 2015 to post cute pictures of her dog.

Pet Instagrams take over online entertainment

Anna DeLibro, Community Editor December 19, 2019

Instagram offers almost every interest one can think of.  With over millions of hashtags and accounts, there is bound to be something for everyone.  Luckily, for animal lovers, there has been a rise...

Les Misérables set to open spring 2020

Elizabeth Pellegrini, Reporter December 19, 2019

This year’s spring production is to be the classic Broadway production, “Les Misérables”. “Les Misérables” is a French classic based off the novel, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. The play...

Dance performs first time ever two-show program

Nola Mak, Reporter December 19, 2019

Before the show begins, the dancers have a pre-performance tradition. In order to hype themselves up, one company member will stand in the middle of the other dancers and yell phrases to which everyone...

Mental health advocacy club “In the Know” offers emotional support

Cristina Drecchio, Reporter December 13, 2019

Everyone feels worried or anxious from time to time, but not everyone develops a mental illness. What’s the difference? A mental illness is a health condition that gets in the way of your thinking, relating...

The tea on local coffee shops: A critique on caffeine

The tea on local coffee shops: A critique on caffeine

Anna DeLibro, Community Editor December 12, 2019

Any avid coffee-drinker has a typical order. Whether it is black, or has an elaborate mix of foam, syrups, and flavors, the repetitiveness of the order can become mundane. While some feel safer with their...

Courtney Craig ('22), Kayla Nieberlein ('22), and Piper Lentz ('22) play a game of Scrabble during one NEHS Monday in Mrs. Vance's room. Members were asked to invite other students to the event to play.

“NEHS Mondays” promotes literacy through Scrabble

Elizabeth Pellegrini, Reporter November 11, 2019

The beginning of the school year brings many writing assignments to students. College essays, practice AP essays, and other writing assignments are a part of high school. Many students struggle with these...

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