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  • Brown Jacksons confirmation represents President Bidens campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court.


    Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court

  • Claire White (‘23) pulls “The Catcher in the Rye” by J. D. Salinger from the array of banned books in Mrs. Houseknecht’s room. Salinger’s novel was removed from curriculum in Summerville, SC in 2001 due to parent complaints about the filthy, filthy book.


    ‘Inappropriate’ books incite arguments over content suited for children

  • Drawing activities done in Coburns class hung up around the hallway. Students solve problems and find the right color or shape to draw inside the grid.


    Coburn maintains math engagement

  • Students in Mr. Sobels intermediate and advanced guitar classes listening to senior Ben Pfitzinger play a solo piece.


    Music classes are more than just playing an instrument

  • Jews remain the most targeted religion in hate crimes according to FBI crime statistics. As reflected in the graph, Anti-Semitic incidents have increased by over 94 percent over the past decade.


    Synagogue hostage crisis is symptomatic of a pandemic of hate

  • Sarah League (’22) and Eliza Nixon (’22) work on their novel for NaNoWriMo. Both accomplished their goal to finish with 50,000 words.


    Stuller’s class persevered through National November Writing Month

  • Mac Tiller (’22), Matthew Storey (’23), Joe Sheckells (’22), study for upcoming Marketing unit test. They studied the marketing mix this unit.


    Presenter proves endless possibilities in business

  • Showcase

    Astroworld festival deemed a concert that will not be forgotten

  • Xander van Dorpe (’23), John Venn (’23), Emerson Lehnert (’22), Harshini Arumugam (’22), Emma Perez (’22), (second row) Jordan Freeman (‘23), Aidan Sabo (’23), Zach Jacobs (’22), Parker Knight (’22), and Brendan Keller (’22) listen to Mr. Schreiner (not pictured) explain the agenda for the meeting. FBLA’s members made sure to wear their masks even after school hours.


    FBLA students dress for success

  • These are examples from students of their great note taking skills. Colors and bolded words are used in order to make words clear and easier to remember, use the methods in the photos for beneficial not taking.


    Study and organization tips students can utilize

  • Features

    Special Education department welcomes Mr. Wischhusen

  • Mrs. Michelle Baylor joins business staff


    Mrs. Michelle Baylor joins business staff

  • History teacher “juggles” new students and school


    History teacher “juggles” new students and school

  • New math teacher transfers from Dulaney


    New math teacher transfers from Dulaney

  • Ms. Catherine Schene joins Hereford science staff


    Ms. Catherine Schene joins Hereford science staff

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The student news site of Hereford High School

Hereford Harbinger

The student news site of Hereford High School

Hereford Harbinger

Students Amelia Clark (’22), Grace Wagaman (‘22) and Jack Bennett (’22) pose after stocking the Little Free Library with books.

Little Free Library draws in new readers

Henry Hottenstein, Reporter May 9, 2022

The National English Honors Society is working to increase the number of readers. To accomplish this the NEHS has rebuilt the Little Free Library over spring break. Little Free Library is a global book...

The Little Mermaid marks first school musical in over three years

“The Little Mermaid” marks first school musical in over three years

Matt Campbell, Reporter April 9, 2022

A return to normalcy this school year means a return to the stage for Hereford’s theatre department. After the success of the fall play, The Alibis, Mr. Chris Rose and company are back in the auditorium...

Andy Hicks(´22) holding one of the new chicks outside of its enclosure.

New flock joins ¨The Herd¨

Sydney Goorevitz, Reporter March 31, 2022

As of March 1st, eight new chicks joined Hereford ´ s agriculture program. They are a mix of Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock, also known as Barred Rock. Their purpose is to teach students currently...

Hereford’s elevator usage riddled with ups and downs

Jay Goetz, Reporter March 26, 2022

Many have an irrational fear of being stuck in an elevator. For some, this has become a reality.   Elevators have been used at Hereford since 1992 when the first elevator was installed in the main...

Custodians’ hard work goes unnoticed

Custodians’ hard work goes unnoticed

Nick Munro, Reporter March 23, 2022

The trash situation has surged all year as many students do not clean up after themselves, thankfully custodians keep our school a clean and education friendly environment. The janitorial staff does everything...

Mistreatment on buses continues as the bus driver shortage grows

Mistreatment on buses continues as the bus driver shortage grows

Sienna Ford, Reporter March 23, 2022

Not everyone takes the bus but those that do understand the frustration. The biggest issue that occurs on the bus is people mistreating each other. It’s not rare to hear a slur or a derogatory remark...

Mathis quotes Maya Angelo on her poster for a protest. She went to the Black Lives Matter protest in Hereford on June 20, 2020.

Hereford’s women activists take charge

Maria Maltese, Reporter March 21, 2022

Women’s History Month is finally here! Women have worked for their rights and have played a big role in many people’s lives. They are mothers, sisters, grandmothers, stepmothers, friends and teachers...

Encouraging words tell people to express their creativity, so others will do the same. The art wing hung up the sign on their wall.

Alternative art opportunities presented at Hereford

Sophie Shive, Reporter March 17, 2022

Hereford High School’s art program offers opportunities and lessons in photography, music, art, theatre, and dance. However, sometimes students can’t squeeze in the electives, or they just want to...

Russian hostility towards Ukraine offers educational opportunities in American schools

Aleia Yeager, Reporter March 15, 2022

Education allows students to gain a worldly knowledge that future benefits and allows an understanding of how society works. The application of concepts is a necessary component for successful learning....

Katie Lowe (’22) and Rylee McDaniel (’22) pose for a picture during senior seminar. Lowe decided to stop wearing a mask on March 1st while McDaniel chose to continue wearing hers.

Lifted mask mandate causes tension in the halls of Hereford

Matt Campbell, Reporter March 15, 2022

On Tuesday, March 1st, the mask mandate for students and teachers across Baltimore County Public Schools was lifted. While the decision was made with medical implications in mind, numerous social and emotional...

Megan Rodgers (‘22) squeezes her hand as she gives blood. Masks were also a requirement for all people in the facility, for the safety of everyone.

B Positive for the Hereford blood drive

Natalie Burger, Reporter March 12, 2022

On Thursday March 10, Hereford High School hosted a blood drive which was an opportunity for students to help save a life as well as contribute to the community. Throughout the day, students took their...

Sam Snyder (’23) and Sarah Flagle (’23) show how students have been sporting their yellow and blue ribbons to show support for the Ukraine, make sure to pay attention for more fundraisers and blood drive opportunities from clubs and honors societies.

Hereford takes action to aid Ukraine

Caroline Daily, Co Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2022

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been constantly talked about and has been increasing in intensity. The Hereford community has started doing their part in supporting the Ukraine. It is important...

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