Hereford bids farewell to parting faculty


Samantha Robbins

Mrs. Vance (Left) and Mr. Foster (Right) celebrating their retirement.

Samantha Robbins, Reporter

With the 2022-2023 school year ending, two teachers are moving on from Hereford High School and to the next chapter of their lives: retirement.

Mrs. Michelle Vance is retiring from the English department after teaching English at Hereford for 23 years. Mrs. Vance’s favorite part of her job is her students and getting to know them.

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the minds and futures of countless students.

I’m definitely going to miss how funny she is, even when she wasn’t trying,” Grace Perry (‘25) said.

Mrs. Vance has connected with many students on different levels and will miss that part of her job during retirement.

“It doesn’t happen often to teachers, because kids don’t realize what they’ve learned until years later, but when you get someone who comes back and visits, it’s wonderful,” Mrs. Vance said.

During her retirement, she plans on gardening in her greenhouse, taking care of her four new goats, and weaving on her loom.

Mrs. Vance is not the only teacher retiring this year, Mr. John Foster will also be retiring and moving to Colorado to be closer to his family.

Mr. Foster has been teaching for 30 years and spent 20 years at Hereford High School. He will be starting his new adventure in Colorado although he is sad to be leaving Hereford and will miss his students, along with their classes inside jokes.

I call my class chem-a-lot, and my students become knights of the periodic table at the end of the school year,” Mr. Foster said.

He will be spending his retirement making and recording music, exploring Colorado on his bike, and spending time with his family.

Mrs. Vance and Mr. Foster will leave behind lasting relationships with students and teachers along with cherished memories. Their connections with students, parents, and fellow staff members will extend far beyond classroom

walls and into new communities.

Hereford will also be saying goodbye to Ms. Shelby Haacke, Mr. Randall Smith, Mrs. Daria Souvorova, Mrs. Debra Leathers, Mrs. Julia Wilson, and Mrs. Maria Willey, who will all be transferring to other schools.