AAPL pushes students to earn Seal of Biliteracy

Sydney Goorevitz, Features Editor

Hereford High World Language teachers encourage students to take the AAPL test in the Spring, for an opportunity to receive the Maryland State Seal of Biliteracy.  

Earning this award offers an accomplishment to put on college applications and prepares them for life beyond high school, such as multilingual coworkers or travels abroad.  The test costs 20 dollars, or about five dollars for each part and is taken at home. Some students even take this test for languages that are not offered at Hereford, but spoken at home.  

Many colleges and workplaces value backgrounds in multiple languages because it is a sought after skill in certain career paths. Teachers Margaret Kopp, Tiffany Bibaud, and Carolyn Marshall agree that students would benefit from this test and have already been discussing it with their classes. Those that are interested are advised to see their teacher for more information and where to sign up.