Hereford Harbinger

Letter to the editor: “Why tax tampons? They are a necessity”

February 28, 2018

Dear Sierra Webb, I am responding to your article, “Why tax tampons? They are a necessity,” in the newest edition of the Harbinger. I want to start off by thanking you, you have become the voice of millions of girls and...

“Flashback to 50’s Dance” not “a flop”

Emma Wallner and Brooke Wilson

April 21, 2017

On March 18th, 2017, the sophomore and freshmen classes hosted the "Flashback to the 50s” dance. Unsubstantiated speculation may have led some to believe that this dance would be, for lack of a better term, a “flop.” However,...

Feb. issue celebrates uniqueness

Michelle Stachura, English Teacher

March 10, 2017

Dear Hereford Harbinger Staff, I’d like to commend you on your February issue, which was both celebratory and thought-provoking. Once again, you’ve tackled issues that are both immediate to the student body, and globally...

Letter to the Editor: Sweatpants article offends women

December 22, 2016

Editors and staff of the Harbinger, I am writing in response to Bess Tiller’s article “Trashy or Classy: What girls wear says a lot about them.” Let me begin by stating that I respect The Harbinger and its writers, as I am ...

How to send a Letter to the Editor

December 22, 2016

If you have an opinion you would like to share with the Harbinger, submit a Letter to the Editor as an attached word document at Letters to the Editor may be edited to fix grammatical and spelling errors.