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Is the Stanley tumbler worth the hype?

The Stanley tumbler has claimed the new spot at Hereford High School as the water bottle everyone is using. The Stanley brand has been a company since 1913, but suddenly came known in 2022 for its bright colored tumbler. It has been seen all over social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram videos showing off the many different colors and options available to purchase. Its popularity is undeniable, but is it worth all the attention it is receiving? 

A Stanley tumbler comes in either a 40 ounce or 30 ounce size, one being just a bit smaller making it easier to carry around. They have a bulky shape, with a large handle that an entire hand can fit around. Even with its large size, Stanley’s can fit seamlessly into every car cup holder because of its narrow bottom, making it a bit more top heavy. It weighs nearly 1.5 pounds empty and almost 4 pounds filled. 

The tumbler has a vacuum sealed insulated lid, which can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 2 days. With this lid, you can drink two different ways. With the provided long plastic straw, or through the lid which can twist and become an opening. With the twist feature for the lid there is also a full coverage option which supposedly keeps your drink from spilling, to be used when you are on the go. I have had experiences in the past with my Stanley where liquid spilled out from the straw opening, which cannot be fully sealed, causing the tumbler to be a problematic choice for me to use daily. 

With all of these features comes a price. The 40 ounce tumbler costs $50.00 while the 30 ounce costs $35.00.  The 40 oz Hydro Flask is $49.95, to compare to another highly popular brand. The Hydro Flask is similar to the Stanley in its heaviness when filled, fun colors, and large size. But, one appeal that the Stanley has over the Hydro Flask is the shape of the tumbler, the handy handle, and reusable straw. 

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Because of the high demand and the popularity, many people have negative things to say about the brand. Stanley restocks the tumbler every few months in limited batches, and then it sells out in minutes every time there is a restock. After all this effort to get your hands on a tumbler, some say it’s overhyped, and not a worthwhile purchase. 

I like the Stanley because it helps me to drink more water and my drink is always cold, but it is very big and hard to carry around, especially at school. I find myself choosing another water bottle like my 30 ounce Yeti over the Stanley every day. While the Stanley is visually appealing and keeps you hydrated, it comes with multiple flaws. Because of this, I believe it deserves a rating of 3/5 stars. 

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