Letter to the Editor: “Disordered times evoke and escalate disordered eating habits”

Dear Editor, 

I thought your article about disordered eating habits was extremely interesting. As a competitive cheerleader of about 10 years, this is something quite relatable. Cheer is a sport of perfection, meant to look effortless and pretty. Being judged on how your body moves and looks leads to so many body-related disorders, as you mentioned. Also, the practice wear that is worn by every athlete, a sports bra and spandex shorts, is seen by everyone around you. You´re always looking at people and comparing yourself to them. I think this is so interesting and relatable because the amount of girls I see or know that participate in an ¨aesthetic sport¨ that have body image and eating issues is shocking. I think this is an important topic to bring up because it is so common now. Although I wish eating disorders were not a thing because everyone is beautiful as they are, I still think it is important to address them.  


Sophie Say