Letter to the Editor: “Stop the slander; I <3 Valentines day"


I have been Anti-Valentine’s day for quite some time now.  It helps that my wife’s birthday falls just before this ficticios holiday, so on February 14th she can still enjoy her gifts and I get the gift of not lining Hallmark’s pockets unnecessarily.  I agree with you that there are inexpensive gifts out there that are nice ways to let somebody know you care, but what about the “gifts” that come without a price tag?  The times when my wife and I sit on the couch after one of us made food just to watch a show.  One of us buying concert tickets and the other offering to buy the band t shirt.  The times when one of us just needs Mexican food and we make a random date on a Sunday afternoon to get burritos.  To me, those things are infinitely more valuable and meaningful than the corny bears and balloons that will occupy a landfill a few months from now.  I also think the one-ups-man-ship promoted by these companies is exhausting.  How many movies have you seen where office deliveries bring one bouquet of roses to someone only for the next person to be delivered chocolates AND roses by some guy dressed like a creepy winged baby?  Why is the love my wife and I have measured against others? Luckily, she works from home and I don’t think her workmates are keeping tally on Zoom.

I wish you were right that it was a sweet and innocent holiday.  But well before us it became some money making enterprise that takes love and equates it to spending, and I just don’t subscribe to that.

Respectfully, not your Valentine,

Mr. Martin