Letter to the Editor: “Social media fosters false sense of reality”

Dear Editor,

I absolutely loved the spotlight section on the newspaper, specifically “Social media fosters false sense of reality”. I adore the common message of acceptance. The way this article discusses a huge issue in not only in the Hereford community, but all over the world. This article talks about the reality that more and more people should see. These current issues that are brought up are what really sparked my interest. Pulling out factual information that is hard to argue with is what I’m hoping will change some perspectives of others that chose to discriminate against people that try to express themselves for who they truly are. These articles are difficult to critique. I believe I have only one real suggestion, I notice that most of these articles target teenaged girls and how the issues discussed mostly affect them. While this is true, I think that you could also talk about the matter of toxic masculinity and how that could affect teenage boys. Although these articles could have included information about toxic masculinity, I cannot say it needed it and was successful at peeking my interest either way.


Hannah LaViña