Feb. issue celebrates uniqueness

Michelle Stachura, English Teacher

Dear Hereford Harbinger Staff,

I’d like to commend you on your February issue, which was both celebratory and thought-provoking. Once again, you’ve tackled issues that are both immediate to the student body, and globally significant. Your cover and main spread started many conversations, and encouraged students and faculty to engage in what will keep our nation running smoothly: civil discourse. It is only when we engage in complex conversations that we grow as individuals and communities. BCPS teachers, leaders and administrators complete training in equity and diversity regularly; your writers are obviously in tune with that need. Your story, “LGBTQ community shares narratives,” provided a safe space to those students who may have been hesitant to share their narratives to do so in a wholly positive way. The program Mr. Tillman organized was a perfect complement to the edition. I hope that your staff will continue to be a vehicle for celebrating and discussing what makes us unique and what unites us.

Ms. Stachura