Chicago trip inspires music students

Adam Ceribelli

Music provides tranquility for humans. It can go from helping people relax to getting them pumped up. But the beauty of music is the passion of those who play it. People spend hours and hours writing and composing songs. Bands practice together for weeks before they perform. Everyone in a band must play in concordance with one another to make it sound amazing and harmonious. The Hereford High School band, orchestra, and chorus are all going to Chicago from April 26 to April 28 to compete in the Heritage Music Festival.

The group left on Thursday, April 25 around four in the morning to start on their long bus ride to the windy city. They are competing in a national competition which comprises of schools from this country and hemisphere; there is even a school from Canada this year. When they arrive Thursday Night, they will be relaxing as well as exploring the city into Friday. “We are going to the Cloudgate sculpture, the sky deck observatory (Sears Tower), the science museum and the Chicago Aquarium. We are also eating at the Hard Rock Café Friday night and seeing the blue man group perform.” Jenn Degroot (12) said.

The competition is on Saturday, April 27. Jack Owens (11) is one of the key members of the band and he is extremely excited about his opportunity. “This is my first competition, there was one three years ago in Tennessee but I did not attend. I am very excited to see how we do because Mr. Lander said that we (Hereford High School) have won the grand prize every year.” Jack said.

Hereford High School’s music department will play their music on Saturday in front of the judges. The winner gets pride and a trophy. “I’m also excited to hang around the city with all of my friends. I have never been to Chicago so I hope it will be fun.” Jack said.

This is a very big event for seniors because it is their last year in the program. They are very confident in their abilities and think that they have a great shot at finishing their senior year the right way. “We do very well in all aspects, and we’re very confident that we’ll be great in Chicago,” Jenn Degroot (12).

This is a great chance for Hereford High Schools band, orchestra, and chorus to show their talent. If the musicians end up winning then the school will have some national recognition. This can open up doors for the future of the Hereford High School music department including future invites to other national competitions.