Hereford Harbinger

Track and field faces harder competition

Michael Timmerman, Reporter

February 21, 2020

In previous years, the track and field team hasn’t faced many challenging opponents; however, with the new transition to being a 3A team and the loss of many senior assets, this year’s team faces new and fiercer competiti...

Sanders vs. Warren: who is the true progressive?

Jack Kruger, Reporter

February 21, 2020

Things have been heating up in the democratic primary as we go through various primary contests. Seeking to differentiate themselves, hopeful democratic nominees are beginning to attack others to their left and right. Until re...

May 2018

May 23, 2018

A Summer for the Century

April 18, 2017

Students are witnessing the longest summer they’ve ever seen yet.  Though some students were disappointed with the few snow days this year, the consequences are going to be enjoyed because school ends June 9.  Not only is...

Repeating Old Trends

Peyton Martino, Reporter

April 18, 2017

Trends are constantly changing. After the 2000’s many people forgot about most trends such as boyfriend jeans, jean skirts, knee-high boots, white Converse, leather Steve Madden shoes, Adidas sneakers, big t-shirts with leggings, ...

Spring Break Vaca or Nah

Jimmy Danielczyk, Reporter

April 6, 2017

As the third quarter comes to an end, spring break rolls up. After having a long cold winter, students look forward to traveling with their families and friends during this week off of daily homework and test preparations. “It’s...