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    Tour de Food: Breakfast Edition

    Brooke Raines and Mary Hall

    Stone Mill Bakery- 10751 Falls Rd #123 Timonium, MD 21093

     *The place to go if you can deal with Louis Vitton laden soccer moms and overpriced food.

    • Food taste– (4) Fascinating flavor combinations of the egg white wrap with smoked chicken sausage. A wide variety of tasty treats and breads for during or after breakfast. However, no garnish on cookie cutter plates, almost like the plates your grandmas bought at the discount area of Ikea.
    • Price– (2) $15 for a breakfast sandwich …enough said.
    • Service– (3) fast service, but they ran out of sides quickly and didn’t inform the customers. By the time our side of fruit came out, we were stuffed from our entrees.
    • Atmosphere– (4) Outside and indoor seating, cool vibe with pop art poster and sculptures next to a scenic outdoor stream.


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    Big Apple Bagels-586 Shrewsbury Commons Ave Shrewsbury, PA

    *The place to go for a simple breakfast and tasty fresh muffins.

    • Food taste– (3) Good bagels but unoriginal sandwich options. Superior assortment of fluffy muffins and a plethora of cream cheese flavors.
    • Price– (4) Low prices! Allows the customer to get seconds or even thirds for a reasonable price.
    • Service– (3) Friendly service, but the tables are self-bussed.
    • Atmosphere– (2) Crumby tables…literally.


    Filling Station- 14910 York Rd, Sparks, MD 21152

     *Place to go if you’re feeling hipster; make sure not to take a bite of you egg sandwich before it was considered “cool”—HEREFORD ZONE’S HIDDEN GEM

    • Food taste– (5) Amazing hot chocolate, fresh cookies, and several savory options that taste delicious. This Station cooks with healthy alternatives: cinnamon buns are made with agave, nuts, whole wheat flour, and lots of love.
    • Price– (3) Average. $1.50 for a good sized cookie. The fresh ingredients counteract the higher price.  $8.50 for a sandwich which is about the price of Panera’s.
    • Service– (5) Friendly and prompt. Feels like it’s your mom making breakfast in the kitchen.
    • Atmosphere– (5) Best atmosphere. Outdoor seating next to a peaceful and quiet stream. Trendy and antique surroundings with an art gallery to admire while you sip a cup of coffee and munch on their signature flax seed power ball. Don’t forget to instagram a photo of your meal with their free wifi.


    Towson Hot Bagels-York Rd, Timonium, MD 21093

     *Not to be confused with Jason’s Deli or Panera. Great food and affordable price over shine the generic “coffee shop” atmosphere.

    • Food taste– (4) Very tasteful. Typical menu items, but with a breakfast twist and perfectly toasted bagels. 
    • Price– (5) Very affordable!  
    • Service– (2) When the waiters don’t even know the menu and act like they over-slept their alarm and missed the bus it’s never a good situation.
    • Atmosphere– (3) Very generic but had cool lamps and comfy booths.





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    Tour de Food: Breakfast Edition