Underclassmen host Winter Wonderland Dance

Rebecca Meldron, Reporter

“Winter Wonderland” is the theme of this year’s underclassmen dance which was in the cafeteria on Jan. 26 from 7-10. Last year, the theme for the underclassmen dance was a “Glow Dance”, but the 2021 and 2022 class officers thought that winter wonderland would be more fun.
The winter wonderland theme is a semi-formal theme, unlike last year where the theme sparked casual dress. “I really liked the theme last year,” said Anna Lime (’19). “I feel like people dressed up more for [the] glow theme; [it was] less semi-formal,” said Anna Lime (‘19).
Anna Lime volunteered at the dance last year and also volunteered this year, at the snack stand. She says she ends up having fun and dancing.
While some liked the more casual theme of the dance last year, the officers felt that a more formal theme would be a nice change to make it feel different. Gracie Brown (‘21) thought that “people felt pressured to go with the neon glow theme, whereas this year it’s more laid back and you can wear what you want to. You are not forced to dress up or dress down.”
An underclassmen dance is an annual tradition. The class officers are trying to do anything they can to make this year different from years past.

“We are really working on being original,” class vice president Gracie Brown (‘21) said. “We’re working on getting a new DJ and having fun decorations, and we are working really hard on [getting] a photobooth.” They host this dance as a fundraiser for their class.
“The money goes towards the freshman and sophomore classes. They use that money to do other dances, other class events, paying for prom and senior picnic,” said Nicole Maffei, the 2021 class adviser.
They advertised on Instagram and by putting videos on the morning announcements in order to get people interested. They also had a raffle with their infamous socks: anyone who bought a pair of socks got in the raffle for a free ticket.