Ms. Suzanne Gray


Jay Goetz, Sports Editor

Entering her fourth school in Baltimore County, Ms. Suzanne Gray is familiar with the school system. She previously worked at Catonsville Middle, Towson High, and Golden Ring Middle School. After four years of teaching, Gray realized she prefers to teach high school students. Knowing Hereford’s great reputation, she had her eyes set on the bulls. 

Gray is no stranger to the Zone. She takes her dog to Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital. Gray explored eateries in the Zone, with a particular fondness for Casa Mia’s crab dip.  

The students have always been the reason Gray has taught; high schoolers amuse Gray by creating an upbeat environment. She tries to always stay positive in the classroom. 

She looks forward to football games, homecoming, and other high school activities.  

Originally majoring in psychology, it was her inspiring English professor that made teaching literature seem like the best job for her.