Mr. Chase Crawford


Caroline Daily, Co Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Chase Crawford was a student at Salisbury University where he majored in history and secondary education, and interned at James Bennet High School and Wicomico Middle School. As a Hereford alumnus, he wanted to come back and give a positive experience to the students, much like the one he had at the school.  

His love for history blossomed when he was a student at Hereford. He received a lot of support from the social studies department when his mother passed away. 

“The social studies department practically saved my life and continued to motivate me to be the person I can be,” Crawford said.  

His favorite aspect of teaching is interacting with his students, so he asks them things like what sports they play or what they watch in their free time as a way to get them to open up and participate in class. He also wants to make sure students who are experiencing mental health issues feel comfortable talking to him about it because he understands what that is like.  

His main goal is to ensure that all his students pass the HSA this year. He personally wants to focus on getting grades in faster and finding a system that will work with his schedule.  

Through all the aspects of history, Crawford´s favorite is ancient Japan and the feudal culture. He was set up to study abroad in Japan to finish his minor in Ancient Asian history, but the pandemic put that plan on pause. He hopes that he can eventually teach about that aspect of history later in his career and reschedule the study abroad.