Mr. Tim Arrington


Sydney Goorevitz, Feature Editor

As the new 2022-2023 school year begins, it´s a new beginning to one of our administrators.  

Mr. Tim Arrington, is one of our new assistant principals in the building.  

Before coming to Hereford, Arrington began teaching in Virginia. He then came back to Maryland and taught at Dundalk and then at Carver for four years. He came back to his hometown because he loved the people and environment. Eventually he took a position as an assistant principal. 

Arrington began teaching because he enjoys building lasting relationships with the people he sees everyday.  

¨I like to interact with people and see the satisfaction of students achieving goals,¨ Arrington said. 

In his free time, Arrington appreciates art and enjoys looking at the world and seeing new things. When he worked at Carver, he began to appreciate the art of dance.  He also enjoys photography and taking pictures of nature.  

¨Any new environment from a new perspective is refreshing,¨ Arrington said.  

He is excited to be a part of the Hereford community and looks forward to learning about the agriculture program.