Mr. Zachary Heckle

Sydney Goorevitz, Feature Editor

Mr. Zachary Heckle joined the Hereford mathematics this fall, marking his fifth year of teaching. Heckle used to be a long term substitute in Carroll County and also teaches at McDaniel College in the evenings.  

Heckle came to Hereford High because of the students. He admired their hard work and willingness to come to class and learn. He enjoys his students being able to find success in math, which can sometimes be challenging. He loves working with others and loves watching students learn the beauty of mathematics. Having students be able to apply math in their everyday lives is what makes teaching worth it for him. Hereford reminds Heckle a lot of his life when he was younger.  

¨I like that it [Hereford] is rural and reminds me of the high school I went to,¨ Heckle said.  

In his free time, Heckle likes to apply his math skills in solving logic puzzles. Heckle is also a big Rubik’s cube fan and has a collection of them displayed within his classroom.