Mr. Marcus Robinson

Henry Hottenstein, Opinion Editor

New to the social studies department this year is Mr. Marcus Robinson. Prior to teaching at Hereford, Robinson served in the US military for 20 years. In those 20 years Robinson has lived in many countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Korea, Qatar, and Tawain. Robinson has always wanted to be a teacher and make a difference in people’s lives. 

“I was ready to retire from the military,” said Robinson. “But I still wanted to continue to serve in a way.”  

For Robinson teaching is the perfect way to continue to serve his country and retire from the military.  

Helping others is important to Robinson and finds joy in helping students. He loves it when students finally understand a tricky topic.  

“I love seeing that ‘aha’ moment, when the light bulb goes off in their head,” Robinson said. 

So far Robinson loves the Hereford community and its mentoring opportunities. 

“The staff and students are amazing, and everyone is learning,” said Robinson “which is exactly what I want.”  

 In his free time Robinson enjoys reading, watching movies, drawing, and working out.