Mrs. Cynthia Greenburg

Henry Hottenstein, Opinion Editor

Mrs. Cynthia Greenburg may be new to the Hereford administration staff, but she is no stranger to being an educator. She has been teaching for over 20 years now. Before coming to Hereford, she worked as Towson High school’s math department chair for 6 years and worked for 15 years as a math teacher in Florida. Currently, Greenburg is working on her PhD in math education at John’s Hopkins University.  

“I love teaching, and I love working with the students,” Greenburg said, “I love watching the light bulb go off in students’ heads.”  

Greenburg was drawn to Hereford because of our school’s many unique opportunities such as our aviation and agricultural programs.  

“It’s just cool to have cows on campus,” Greenburg said.  

Although Greenburg is working as an administrator now, she is still a math teacher at heart. She loves teaching math and finds joy in the moments when students finally understand a tricky topic. So far at Hereford, she has loved getting to know everybody and is learning to find her way around the school.  

“This school is a maze,” said Greenburg, “There’s been a few times where I’ve had no clue where I’m going.”  

When she is not teaching Greenburg enjoys scuba diving. Shes been certified to dive since she was 15 years old and has dove in Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, and Minnesota.