Administration team finds solution for students following Covid-19

Anna Knepley, Co Editor-in-Chief

Beginning the 2021-2022 school year, Hereford’s administration changed the timing and main purpose of enrichment due to contractual issues with teachers. The 30-minute study period moved after first period instead of being combined with lunch. Clubs must no longer meet during enrichment.  

The administration team met with Mr. Mike Kalisz, the athletic director, and had a conversation about speaking to all the coaches and changing practice times to ensure that student athletes could attend club meetings and practices.

Due to concerns with teachers’ contracts, HHS is no longer allowed to let clubs and extracurriculars meet during the school day. Principal Joe Jira also would like to focus enrichment more on academic endeavors post pandemic, especially with how first quarter grades are shaping up currently. 

“Students are having a rough time right now,” Jira said. “As principal of the school, whose primary job is to make sure that students are successful academically, the only way I can assure that will happen is by keeping [enrichment] instructional.”  

Teachers post enrichment groups on AllTimely for students to sign up for and work with them or peer tutors. By moving enrichment out of lunches, more teachers are available to offer extra help which benefits students coming back from virtual learning.  

“The four options [are] coach classes, counseling, quiet study hall, and tutoring,” Ms. Emily Book, assistant principal, said.  

Jira hopes to ease club advisors’ and student athletes’ concerns about scheduling and attending club meetings by incorporating an advisory enrichment once a month. Extracurricular activities can hold one meeting per month on the same day. Clubs are also welcome to arrange group meetings before school or virtually to accommodate athletes and other busy students.