NEHS refurbishes Free Little Library

Jen Barranco, Reporter

Looking for a book to read? The Hereford National English Honor Society (NEHS) has refurbished the Free Little Library, which is open for all hours and can be found outside the auditorium.
“We are trying to build a different clientele this year. It wasn’t being used that much so we are trying to gear it towards moms and their little kids,” NEHS advisor Mrs. Vance said.
“All types of books can be found there, ranging from fiction to nonfiction,” NEHS member Caroline VanDuzer (’19). “We are currently trying to collect more books for younger children like Dr. Seuss and the Magical Treehouse to promote reading for younger siblings of students that may be on campus for one reason or another.”
The Free Little Library operates on an open swap system.
“You take a book and then replace it with another, which allows the community to benefit from its members’ tastes in literature,” VanDuzer said.
In addition to the Free Little Library, NEHS has created a DEAR cart, so students can access books inside and outside of school.
The goal of both the Free Little Library and the DEAR book is to promote literacy for people of all ages, especially younger children and teens. This is in accordance with the team BCPS goal, which is to promote literacy.