Future Physician’s Flower Drive raises money for AHA

Paul Rapuzzi, Online Editor

The Future Physician’s club holds an annual Valentine’s Day drive selling roses to students to give to their significant others. Starting the first week of February, roses will be on sale for two dollars each and can be personalized with a note for the recipient. All funds raised by the drive will be going to the American Heart Association for heart disease research.

Though the rose drive is an annual tradition for February’s Valentine’s Day buzz, not every drive yields the same results. According to Ned Jones (’19), this year’s rose drive isn’t expected to be a cookie cutter event.
“We [Future Physician’s] are trying to sell more stuff this year, and I feel like we’re going to get a lot more people participating this year,” Jones said. One of the special features of this year’s drive includes a five-dollar discounted price for students that buy three roses.

Future Physicians runs a variety of drives throughout the year, but the rose drive is unique among them in its holiday theme. According to president of Future Physicians, Emma Simon (’19), the Valentine’s Day spirit is part of what makes the rose drive so much fun.

“Most of our fundraisers are just buying things to keep [for yourself], but this one allows people to buy gifts for their friends or significant others which makes it all the more fun,” Simon said.

Club sponsor and science teacher, Thomas Keller agrees that “Future Physicans Club holds charitable fundraisers to help with medical research, awareness, and treatment of various diseases. While other fundraisers we’ve held for breast cancer and leukemia are successful, this fundraiser is extra enjoyable as it gets so much of the study body involved in a fun activity.”

Club members will be stopping by classrooms during homeroom and enrichment to sell roses. Unlike previous years, roses will also be sold in the cafeteria and auditorium while students are waiting to be dismissed to go to homeroom.