Sporting comfortable fall fashion should not be shameful

Molly Szymanski, Opinion Editor

It’s finally fall here, and after an abnormally hot September, the forecast calls for a frigid October and November in stark contrast. When you wake up and it’s 40 degrees outside, what girl has the energy to get up and squeeze into a skirt every day? When there’s frost on the window, it’s only logical to roll out of bed and wear something that’s close enough to pajamas.
For some reason there’s been controversy surrounding this in recent years, deeming sweatpants as ‘trashy.’ Why exactly? There’s nothing wrong with dressing nice by any means, but who is anyone to hate on a girl who’s comfortable at school, and looks good doing it?
Just for the record, skirts are nowhere near as warm as sweats, and jeans are nowhere near as comfortable as leggings.
“We’re coming here to get our education and if you’re in tight clothes, it’s harder [to focus], especially for me. I like to be comfortable when I’m learning,” said sweatpants enthusiast Isabella Farace (‘21).
The toxic norms that exist in high school aren’t going to matter once you leave, and you’ll see people walking around your college campus in sweatpants and not blink an eye. Welcome to the real, real world.
Personally, I plan my outfits the day before, and it takes a couple minutes, sure, but I prefer it to planning it out last-minute the morning of.
“I’d rather get a couple more minutes of sleep than wake up at five in the morning [to dress nice]… the first two things that match go on,” said Anna Strader (‘19).
Everyone complains about not getting enough sleep, so if someone shows up to homeroom in pajamas, why aren’t we writhing in envy at the fact that they’re well-rested?
And still, if Becky wakes up at 5:30 to coordinate her look, how does she have the energy to trash her classmate for wearing Uggs?
It’s cold. As I’m writing this, it’s 39 degrees outside, and you can bet I’m bundled up in a sweatshirt. Despite this, there’s nothing wrong with dressing nice by any means. Jeans may not be the coziest choice, but they certainly pull a look together.
“I like dressing nice to school because I love wearing new, different things than what others would wear,” said fashion follower Whitney Langlee (‘20), “I don’t care whether or not girls dress down, they’re living their best life.”
There shouldn’t be pressure on girls to dress one way or another, wear what makes you comfortable. There isn’t a reason to be uncomfortable in your own skin just to be seen in a certain light. How people perceive you is not solely based on your appearance; teachers aren’t going to look at a student like they don’t have their life together if they show up in a big hoodie. As long as they’re trying in their studies, who cares?
Remember this in the holiday season, give thanks and positivity, not snide comments behind girls’ backs about their ‘trashy’ outfits.