Class officers selected for 2018-2019 school year

Emma Charles, Reporter

As the year draws to a close, it comes time to prepare for the next. Tuesday, June 5 the officers for the rising sophomore, junior, and senior classes were elected.

Each candidate presented a speech to their peers in the auditorium during their assigned enrichment half. A few students ran unopposed and just made a brief statement.

“I don’t ever take this position for granted,” Brooke Wilson, Class of 2020 president said. “I know how easy it is for someone else to come run as well, so having one year where I don’t have to run as much of a campaign is relieving.”

Students took very different approaches, in order to capture their audience’s attention: humor, inspiration, rallying the class, etc.

“I was VP as a freshman and have learned a lot my sophomore and junior year, and I felt it was important to show that in my speech or at least my sincerity,” Joe Inglisa, Class of 2019 Vice President said.

After listening to each candidate speak, the classes voted on a hand-out ballot.

The officers chosen were announced over the loud speaker at the end of the day:

Class of 2019:

  • President- Emma Wallner
  • Vice President- Joe Inglisa
  • Secretary- Maria Karvounis
  • Class Liaison- Jake Turner
  • Public Relations Director- Phoebe Kurniawan

Class of 2020:

  • President- Brooke Wilson
  • Vice President- Derek Wu
  • Secretary- Demi Gerovasilis
  • Class Liaison- Keegan Whittle
  • Public Relations Director- Midori Day

Class of 2021:

  • President- Bella Cavallaro
  • Vice President- Gracie Brown
  • Secretary- Kevin Oh
  • Class Liaison- Ryan Coffey
  • Public Relations Director- Mary Ellen Revitte

“Being class president is one of the most defining parts of high school for me,” Emma Wallner, Class of 2019 Senior President said. “I can’t imagine what the last three years would have been like without this opportunity. That’s why I’m so excited for next year and to build off of the work that we’ve already done.”

There were a few let-downs as people were voted out of office that had been there for years, but the majority of students were instilled with confidence for a successful year ahead upon hearing the names of their new class leaders.

Incoming freshman, during visitation day, were even able to write their names down as potential candidates next year.

“I’m super excited for next year and I hope our class officers make it a good one,” Emma Musolf (’22).

Anticipation for summer is growing, and so is excitement for what comes after Labor Day.