Girls basketball games lack a student section


Cam Smith (’19), Lindsay Clarke (’20), and Brynne DeLuzio (’19) compete against Landsdowne High School. The hard-fought game ended in a win for Hereford.

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

There’s nothing more exciting for an athlete of any sport than having a huge student section filled with all your classmates cheering you on for an important game. Hereford students fill the stands at football, field hockey, boys’ basketball, and lacrosse games. But when you look at the stands at the girls’ basketball games you might get confused whether it’s 5th grade rec team or the Hereford Varsity Basketball team.

The motivation of a loud student section is what any sport needs… and it’s something that a couple of moms that have to be there can’t supply. At the end of some of our games I see the gym filling up, to realize it’s just the much anticipated rec basketball games.

Unlike the slow pace of other sports, basketball is a game where it is always entertaining due to the high intensity levels and fast pace game-play, so why does no one come? Our 8-1 record has given us high hopes of going to counties and far into the playoffs, but since no one comes to our games it’s our parents, and maybe some siblings if we’re lucky, who are congratulating us on our wins.

I agree with the fact that games like our 64-25 wins over Owings Mills aren’t the most exciting, but when we compete for a county championship a supporting student section would nice.

The next time you are debating to show school spirit come support the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. Our games are a time to show the outcome of our many hours of practice a week, and we want you there.