Ravens season recap

Max Herbkersman, Reporter

I am depressed. Some may say my reasoning is foolish but when the Ravens soil their chances of getting into the postseason I can’t help but feel hopeless.

The Ravens had an inconsistent season. I was hopeful that this year with the acquisition of veteran wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin that the Ravens would have success on offense. I was mistaken. Once again the Ravens managed to be ranked in the bottom half of all the offenses in the league.

This season Joe Flacco threw for just 3,141 yards, 18 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Some may say these stats are subpar for a former Super Bowl MVP, but for the “weapons” Flacco has these stats aren’t horrible.

The problem is clearly our offense. Our defense is still feared, it has been for years. Flacco isn’t the problem, and neither is our new workhorse of a running back Alex Collins. The problem is our receivers. Flacco needs help, he needs a reliable receiver. Flacco has a cannon for an arm, but what good is his pure strength when all our offense provides in the air are five yard check downs?

Since 2011 (excluding 2012 draft following Super Bowl win) the Ravens have drafted four defensive players and two offensive players. While all the recent defensive picks have proved themselves, besides Matt Elam, neither offensive pick has impressed me.

Breshard Perriman was drafted out of UCF in the 2015 draft. In college Perriman was a stud but his play did not translate to the NFL. His rookie year he spent all season in IR. Perriman since then has played 27 games, 16 in 2016 and 11 in 2017. How many touchdowns has he scored? Three. How many total receiving yards did he have in 2017? A measly 77 yards.

This upcoming draft it is imperative that the Ravens draft a receiver. Not a lineman, not a running back, not a single defensive player but a stud receiver. Yes Perriman turned out as a bust but that doesn’t mean the Ravens shouldn’t draft another receiver. The bottom line is that without an improved receiving core the Ravens aren’t going to find much success in the NFL.