Recent diet trends are seemingly unhealthy

Bess Tiller, Reporter

Not wanting to eat red meat, understandable. No animal products, considerate. Nuts instead of fish for a source of protein, why not?

What happened to the days of a balanced healthy diet? Many are shying away from the five main food groups and turning towards five types of juices. Personally I am skeptical of new diet trends such as juice fasting.

I can honestly say I have never dieted, not to say I won’t in the future. I am just curious how one can sustain on juice for ten days or how diets can promise the loss of five pounds in five days. There are definitely ways to lose large amounts of weight but, within reason. It seems almost impossible to me that someone could lose weight quick. Being 17-years-old and only having gained five pounds since freshman year, I don’t understand the need to be so worried about weight now.

Right now most high schoolers have their highest metabolisms that they ever will. It is too early for girls to be putting themselves through intense efforts for weight loss.

“You shouldn’t be doing that to your body at such a young age,” Caulder Carr (’20) who has never dieted said.

Recently I have heard of the new, must-try diet trend, “Fit Tea,” popular from the Kardashians publicizing it. Supposedly Fit Tea is meant to clear you of toxins and waste. The only problem is that it is dangerously similar to a laxative, making you rush to the bathroom a few more times than healthy. This can be compared to taking a laxative-which is considered bulimia in certain circumstances.

If you are looking to clear out unwanted toxins try a sauna or running to the point of dripping sweat. It takes effort to lose weight. Trying to take short cuts is unhealthy and can actually hurt you if you are limiting the nutrients you need.

If you choose to diet go, for it. I just encourage it do be done within reason. There are plenty of healthy ways to diet without limiting yourself. Don’t fall for the trap of promises to lose weight quick.

“The 21 day fix didn’t work at all for me,” Julia Zemanek (’18) said. “It focuses more on portion control than anything else and I wasn’t into that. If you’re eating healthy food you can eat as much as you want. That’s why I liked Paleo so much,”

Many have to work for the way they look. If it was as easy as a snap of a finger to have a perfect body then everyone would. There is a reason no one has a perfect body, there is no such thing. Home remedies will not get you to your weight goal; you have to be willing to put in the work.

I am all for a healthy lifestyle, even gluten free or paleo diets make sense. I am not in support of new diet trends to “get thin quick”. What may work for others doesn’t work for me. I believe in feeling good and having energy to do the things I want. Starving yourself with goals to drop a pant size doesn’t make sense when it will naturally come in due time maybe if you eat the right foods and stay active.