Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie


Photo Provided by Spencer Stout

Max Herbkersman watches the final scene from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Rogue One is the first live-action movie that is not directly part of the Star Wars storyline.

Spencer Stout , Reporter

On December 10th, 2016, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released. And I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to bomb. The cast was underwhelming, it came on the heels of the wildly successful of the Force Awakens, and the premise was what no one had asked for. I truly believed that it was just supposed to be an interim movie to hold everyone’s interest until the Last Jedi comes out.


Being a die-hard Star Wars fan, however, I of course went to the theatres to watch it. After a slow start of having to introduce all new characters, the movie was incredible. Director Krennic was a villain everyone could hate, Death Troopers were sick (although they still can’t shoot for anything), the battle over Scarif was incredible, and the protagonists were likeable because they were realistic. And of course, the Darth Vader hallway scene alone was well worth the cost of admission.


The plot itself was incredible. The writers managed to not just fill a plot-hole, but expand on the ruthlessness of the empire, add depth to original characters, and keep viewers on their toes despite fans kind of expecting everyone to die.


The score surpassed that of Episode III, Michael Giacchino taking John William’s style and transitioning it into a thematic masterpiece. The music reflected the tone of the movie being more militaristic than just the standard good vs evil. The music perfectly complemented the course of the movie, creating smooth transitions between scenes devoid of dialogue, a tactic the prequels failed to utilize.


Although Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back was an incredible movie (and arguably the best prequel ever), but Mark Hamill’s weird acting type and the complete disparity towards modern CGI completely depletes the re-watch value for new fans. Rogue One on the other hand retains the ingenuity of the TIE Fighter scream, the iconic Darth Vader, and a story everyone could love, while crafting it into a much better and coherent action movie.