Lindsay’s Logic: Snap Map Sparks Controversy


Lindsay Clarke

The Snap Map allows people access to their friends location. This has sparked a controversy over whether it’s useful or an invasion of privacy.

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

Do you ever want to see where someone is but don’t want to ask? Snapchats ability to locate its users is the latest way to stalk where people are.

In Snapchat settings you can allow your friends to see your location in the form of your Bitmoji. But if you ditched plans with someone and don’t want them to know where you are, you can enable ghost mode so your location is not accessible.

One of the things I love about the Snap Map is that you can see the last time someone was using Snapchat.  If someone leaves you on open, you can look at the last time they were using Snapchat. It’s not as creepy as some people may think, I promise.

When Snapchat came out with this feature there were two different feelings about it. You have the people who thought it was just creepy; and the people who can’t stop stalking.  Yes it’s a little weird that people can know where you are 24/7 but I still find myself to using it fairy often.

“Sure, we might want to keep tabs on our own kids sometimes,” an article from said. “But we definitely don’t want anyone and everyone knowing which Starbucks our kid visits after school.”

The Snap Map only allows your friends on Snapchat to see you location, not some random stranger. And if there is a certain someone you don’t want to be able to see your location, you can customize who has access in the app’s settings.

The concerns of the Snap Map invading your privacy are valid, but if you are that uncomfortable with them seeing your location should you have added them in the first place?