Freshmen: Understand the hierarchy


Photo provided by Daniel Stewart

Chloe Parker, Reporter

You’d think being the youngest at a new school would overwhelm you, all the crazy upperclassmen and crowded halls. Moving from middle school to high school is a dramatic change.

The first day of my freshman year I didn’t talk to any seniors and tried to avoid eye contact in the halls; I knew they didn’t want to be talking to a freshman, I was just a baby to them.

“I had gone o orientation so I already kind of where my classes were, but the packed halls stressed me out the first day,” Nico DiNenna (’20) said.

There’s always going to be a couple students that cross the line but the words “respect” and “seniority” to the class walking in is not in their vocabulary. Chanting “CCBC” at pep-rally may be funny to you, but when it’s you in their shoes heading to CCBC I don’t think you’ll be laughing.

I know I was in their place in the high-school hierarchy last year but it’s not like I’m the only one who thinks this. Students in their own grade agree too.

“We have some bad kids that are disrespectful but there are some good kids,” Emma DiVenti (’21) said.

These “bad kids” in their grade aren’t just back talking teachers or disrupting class, they’re being suspended and arrested for drug possession. It’s their first month of their freshmen year, just wait until 2021.

I understand if you’re a freshman on Varsity so you’re “friends” with upperclassmen through sports or you have older siblings but I can almost assure you that none of them are going to be checking you out in the halls. I hate to break it you freshman but your fake spray tans and pounds of make up on your face won’t make you the “it” girl.

“I like the seniors the best probably because I know a lot of them,” Connor Dunay (’21) said.

These freshmen may think they’re friends with the seniors but if I’m not mistaken, I don’t see any freshies at senior parties. Receiving a “streaks” picture doesn’t make the friendship real.

“The freshman this year don’t know their place. As a freshman you have to know you’re the youngest at the school and you’re still a child. They walk around the halls and try to act like they rule the school, there is nothing more annoying than just that. Just accept your place as a freshman, you’ll serve your time and be Senior soon enough,” Taylor Hackett (’18) said

In the movies, every school has the hot senior boy who all the girls dream of being with, but last time I checked he was dating the hot senior girl, not a freshman. Seniors don’t want to talk to freshmen, let alone date them. Make sure to know your place.