Feeling the fall food yet?

Jen Barranco, Reporter

As summer comes to an end, all the fun activities of summer end with it. Before we know it we get caught up in the fall activities, such as pumpkin and apple picking. I know that my favorite thing to do in the fall is…eating! With fall comes lots of different scrumptious foods, not just desserts but full meals, snacks, and drinks. Along with pigging out on food, it’s fun to make these delicious treats with your family and friends.

If you are looking for fall desserts, there is: pumpkin pie, apple pie, candy corn, caramel apples (since it’s mostly an apple, maybe you can count this as a fruit instead…), Dunkin Donuts pumpkin munchkins and those flower shaped ginger bread cookies with the pumpkin dip, which I can easily eat a 100 of without even knowing what I am doing, they are so addictive. All of these desserts I just mentioned are the classic fall desserts, however there are so many variations of these classic, which you can find on almost all social media. The other day, I was scrolling through my popular page on my Instagram, and I clicked on a recipe for apple pie that hallowed out the inside of an apple and put the apple pie filling into the hallowed out apple and put pie crust on top.  You can always find cool-new seasonal recipes on social media.

Drinks that are related to fall are: the infamous pumpkin spice latté, which if you ask me, I’m not the biggest fan of that. I don’t get all the hype for a drink that isn’t even that good. A much better drink is apple cider, which I prefer hot, so I always heat it up in the microwave for it is steaming. Another drink, that isn’t exactly just a fall drink but is definitely a cold-season drink: hot chocolate. To add a fall touch to hot chocolate you could simply add a cinnamon stick to your drink and cinnamon is definitely a fall flavored spice.

Along with fall comes many foodies’ favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, a day for stuffing yourself with great food, and not feeling bad about your major food baby later. Depending where you live and your family, you might have different food on your table but the usual food at my Thanksgiving is stuffing, too many types of casseroles to name, mash potatoes, the best dinner rolls ever, cranberry sauce, turkey, and yams. That’s not even including desserts or appetizers.

Is fall the season for eating? Or just does it have the best seasonal foods to eat? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter to me, and I always enjoy all the food and can’t wait to eat it all this year. Maybe fall isn’t your favorite season, it represents the end of summer which is sad but it definitely has its own good qualities that make people excited for it.