Dogs are a man’s best friend


Hannah Weeren, Reporter

If you know me well, you would know that my dogs are my best friends. One of my favorite parts of the day is going home after school and seeing my dogs waiting for me at the door.

For those of you who do not know, I have three French Bulldogs: Dexter, Bridget, and Louise.

They all are special in their own ways.

Louise is a little slow, if you know what I mean, but she tries so hard just to make you happy.

Bridget is a little fat, but loves to go outside. She never does anything wrong and loves any attention you give her.

Dexter is a little brat, but I love him to death. He is always up for an adventure and will whine until you take him on a ride or walk.

I love knowing that after a long day they will always be there to lay on the couch with me and watch Netflix or go on an adventure.

In my opinion, dogs are sometimes better than people.

No matter how long I am gone for or what I look like, they are always happy to see me.

My dogs can tell when I am upset and will do anything they can to cheer me up

I love that I always have them there to keep me company and that I am never truly “home alone.”

If I had it my way, I would take Dexter everywhere with me.

I genuinely feel bad for people who don’t like dogs. They are missing out on so much. I couldn’t imagine life without dogs. Ever since I was born I have had a dog in my life.

Without my dogs I would be a different person, less caring and less compassionate.

Human beings are so lucky to have dogs. Dogs do not judge us for anything we do, they adore us.

I know a lot of people do not understand me and will think I am a weird animal freak for writing this, but I also know there will be some people who get where i am coming from.