For Our Troops hosts Memorial Day ceremony


The Hereford and Woodlawn Chamber Choir sing the National Anthem as ROTC members raise the flag.

Mark Suchy, Reporter

For Our Troops club hosted the annual Memorial Day Celebration on the Friday before Memorial Day.

The ceremony is held to honor all the troops, who are currently serving, and have previously served in the United States Armed Forces, specifically for the troops who have past away.

Members of the For Our Troops club spent much time planning and executing this ceremony.

“We had to get here at 4 am to help set everything up,” club member Joe Arigbamu (’19) said.

To kick off the ceremony new BCPS Superintendent Verletta White gave an introductory speech.

Poems were then read by members of the club and the Hereford Chamber Choir along with members of the Woodlawn Chamber Choir sang “God Bless America” as well as the National Anthem. The ceremony also featured ROTC members from Woodlawn High School presenting the American flag and the 9/11 Rolling Memorial.

The main portion of the ceremony featured Andrew Kilgore (’17) reading the names of all the fallen alumni, from all wars, of Hereford and Woodlawn High School. The 9/11 Rolling Memorial rang their reembrace bell after each name was read.

“The time put in by Mr. Greenwood and the For Our Troops club really paid off in making [the ceremony] a success,” math teacher Bobby Aitken said.