Pressure of Perfection

Alex Trikeriotis, Online Editor

In high school, people feel like they have to change to fit into certain groups. Teenagers have standards and expectations that determine if you are considered “popular” or “cool.” Friend groups are set from a young age, and if everyone goes to the same school from elementary school through high school then most opinions of people only change for the worse, not better.

Going into middle or high school, if you don’t look or act the right way, you are already stereotyped and aren’t “allowed” in certain friend groups.

Don’t let other people live and control your life. You won’t be as happy if you aren’t being your true self.

A lot of drama is revolved around boys and friend groups. If two friends fall for the same guy, it will end poorly. Especially if the guy likes one of the girls more. Girls will change the way they are just so a guy likes them. It causes more change if there is another girl in the equation.

All of this leads to self-esteem issues and comparisons to other people. All over social media, people post the most flattering pictures or use multiple edits in order to get more likes. Girls change themselves left and right just to be liked more.
A lot of guys won’t date or publically talk to girls who aren’t in the same social group that their friends are. Their friend’s opinions mean so much to them and if their friends don’t “approve” of the girl they like it has to be a secret. That causes girls to think that they aren’t good enough.

If people were more accepting of others and showed that it is okay for them to be who they are there would be less people constantly putting themselves down.

Instead of just saying that you should be proud of who you are, show people with your actions.