Prom is far too expensive


Photo provided by Sam Schaefer ('18)

Jimm Danielczyk (’18) uses a Swedish Fish pun to woo Sam Schaefer (’18) to prom.

Bess Tiller, Chirper

Prom season seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. Promposals are extravagant when it used to be a simple “Will you go to prom with me?” not only is it not the best night of your life but it is also in my opinion way too much money.

This year I got away with spending under 100 dollars on my dress. For those who don’t know that is almost unheard of. Some of my friends spent up to 300 dollars on theirs. Many think of the dress expense and then it ends there. Wrong!

Next you leisurely stroll into DSW looking for the perfect size heel in just the right color. The next thing you know you are walking out an hour later with 85 dollar shoes that are sure to come off right after pictures.

It doesn’t end there, accessories. You need earrings a necklace and maybe a possible bracelet.  After this you have already spent about 325 dollars.

Now on with the appointments. Spray tan, hair and nails. Most get gel nails accompanying a pedicure. Plus the 20 dollar spray tan and 60 dollar hair. Now we are at 460.

You can’t go to prom without make up. Some do their own but they have to buy new make up to match their tan. I got mine done by David Stickles (’18) for 12 dollars which was relatively cheap not to mention he has mad skills in the makeup department.

You also need to buy a boutonniere for your date and possibly your own ticket. Now we are up 580 dollars. We aren’t done yet folks.

How are you getting to and from the dance? My friends and I got a bus paying 25 dollars each. This is definitely the way to go you don’t have to worry about parking or anything like that.

605 dollars is the grand total folks. That isn’t adding in cost of whatever you need to have fun after wards normally around another 15-30 dollars so we are actually up the a total of about 620 dollars all for a dance that isn’t the best night of your life.