Recent graduates provide life updates


Photo provided by Sam Schaefer

Rachel Schaefer (‘12) marries Kevin Shade on Jan. 22, 2017 at the Cork Factory Hotel in downtown Lancaster.

Sierra Webb, Reporter

As students come and go and leave high school behind them, they either go to college or choose another career to pursue. Those students have been investing their time traveling Europe, playing a Division 1 sport, or going on missionary trips.
Maddison Riley (’14) recently traveled to Switzerland for three months to nanny her cousin. She left in September 2016 and returned to her home in Maryland in December 2016. While she was traveling Europe, she went to Amsterdam with her close friend from Maryland, “Amsterdam was my favorite place to visit because it was so beautiful,” Riley (’14) said. She recently left in late March to live in Ocean City, where she cares for another baby.
Rachel Schaefer (’12) recently graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a degree in Community Health. She studied nutrition for her first two years then switched majors at the end of her junior year. UMD provided opportunities that exposed her to the field of public health. As a freshman, she joined the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha and served as the director of Philanthropy which promotes breast cancer awareness, which she cares about since her Nana is a two-time survivor. Since graduating high school she has found that college offers many great opportunities, but she found herself feeling overcommitted, lonely, and lost.
“I was so focused on building my resume and planning a future career that I neglected my personal health and time with friends and family,” Schaefer said.
But even through the challenging experience, she found herself closer through friendships, God, and her family.
“I have learned what is worthy to fight for in life: faith, family, and friends,” Schaefer said.
In the next couple of years she hopes to continue to explore public health and start a new job with YMCA of Central Maryland as a community Coordinator for the Let’s Move! Outside Initiative.
Maddie Cavallaro (’15) is a sophomore at Virginia Tech University and majored in biochemistry. College has given her the opportunity to be adventurous, curious, independent, and to gain responsibility. She’s learned how to manage her time and discover new passions through her studying along with her experiences outside of the classroom.
“I have gained a more adventurous outlook on life and through that I’m discovering the person that I am now and shaping the person I hope to be someday,” Cavallaro said.
In the next couple of years she hopes to see herself graduated and attending medical or PA school where she will gain experience in the medical field.