Hey baby, how you doin’?

Chloe Parker, Reporter

Many people do not like to share their emotions but others really need to filter what they say and when they say it. Stereotypical high-school couples calling each other “baby” and “sweetheart” make me just stop and roll my eyes. I understand that students are in relationships, but they do not need to be calling each other pet names.

Everyday on my way to homeroom I always see these two kids kissing and it makes me cringe.”

— Tony Hagan ('20)

Do you really want to be part of the couple that everyone cringes at? I know I don’t.

I’m almost positive other students do not want to have to listen to your “cute” names for each other and watch you make out in the hallway. It’s not cute, you’re just putting your classmates in awkward situations. Our generation is very judgmental and by couples calling each other these pet names, they are just asking to be judged. Students complain about being criticized but if you and your “cuddle cakes” are obsessively making out in the hall, please expect some criticism.

Not many high-school sweethearts end up getting married and living happily ever after. Usually in high school relationships don’t even last that long, and for couples to drop the “L” word is just premature. Most of the time these relationships aren’t that serious so the people involved don’t really know what love is. I’m not saying that I’ll never be in a relationship and never fall in love but there is a proper way and time to express your feelings.

To me, acceptable behavior is talking to each other in the hallway, spending time with each other outside of school, and not making out in front of others.

No teachers or students should feel uncomfortable getting to their classes just because of students groping against the lockers.

Students need to respect others in the school, we all should feel comfortable.