Lauren’s View: Enrichment rules become stricter

Lauren Litsinger, Reporter

Enrichment is a time for students to catch up on work, get help from teachers, and socializing with friends before going to almost three hours of class.
Sometimes when signing up a student needs a pass to go ask a teacher a question or to use the bathroom, but the rules of enrichment have been tightening up.
In the morning we can’t just sign up to sign up, we now need an actual reason to be in that classroom. Or if you aren’t in that teacher’s class you have to sign up with someone who is.
What happened to just signing up somewhere so you can study and do homework in peace instead of being distracted by people making weird noises in the auditorium or everyone yelling in the cafeteria.
I understand if a teacher wants to block off a day so their students can come in and get help, which is what enrichment is for!
The administration is too worried about students wandering the hallways and little things like a student leaving a classroom during enrichment to go to the bathroom instead of worrying about more important things.
Students hardly can cause trouble in the hallways during the enrichment hour.
There are teachers everywhere watching like hawks ready to send students to the office or give them detention because they were late to go get their lunch or needed to go get a paper so a teacher could help them.
I can’t help that my last class was all the way across the school from my locker.
Believe me when I say I am just going to get my binder and don’t think I’m going to spray paint the bathroom.