Review: A new iPhone game ‘flies’ in


Photo by: Alexis Griffey

8-ball is a trendy game to play with friends on iPhones. Danielle Alms (’17) won her 58th game against an opponent.

Alexis Griffey and Caitlynn Hickey

In the fall of 2016, there was an iOS 10 software update for Apple users, which allows them to download the app, ‘Game Pigeon,’ in iMessage, an Apple’s version of text messages. This free app includes many games such as 8-ball, Sea Battle, Checkers, and more. Teenagers have enjoyed that games can be sent through their texts to their peers.

“It’s fast and you can play with your friends,” said Danielle Alms (’17), an avid 8-ball player.

One of the most popular games among teens is 8-ball, which is an electronic version of pool.

“It is the most fun, in my opinion, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it,” said Sophia Franz (’19).

Many people use the game to entertain themselves.

“I really like it,” said Jeremy Bareham (’18). “It’s very entertaining for me and my friends to play during boring classes.”

Social Studies teacher, Edward Martin, said, “I don’t play it, but I have seen people play it. Sometimes it gets distracting in a classroom, but not a lot.”

The app has become outstandingly popular after being released from Apple. We personally think the app is extremely entertaining (and frustrating when we lose), but the trend will most likely die down in the future, like Temple Run, Flappy Bird, and Trivia Crack. Game Pigeon is expected to upload more games for users to play in the near future.