Success in the Failure

Sarah Wheatley

I’ve never been one to stress over grades. I care about my grades and I will always try my best, but I think stressing over getting a bad grade is counter-productive because it makes me too worried about the last grade to focus on improving for the next. Geometry was a subject that never clicked for me. Math has never been my strongest subject to begin with, but geometry was a new kind of misunderstanding. In preparation for my first geometry test, I went to enrichment every day that week, and met with a tutor outside of school twice. I got a 52% on that test. This was the first month of my first year in high school, making a terrible first impression. I was so discouraged by that grade because I felt like I had done all I could but my efforts weren’t paying off. The class never got better, but my attitude did. I realized that I had tried my best and there was nothing I could do beyond that. That lesson was more meaningful to me than any grade I could have ever gotten.