Angry Drivers


Photo by: Nicole Burkoski

Nicole Burkoski (’18) smiles at other drivers on her way to school.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter


Driving should not be stressful, but it has become my biggest burden of the day.

If everyone would respect others on the road, there would be no road rage, no stress, and probably less accidents.

If someone is going too slowly for your taste, do not shine your brights at them repeatedly, do not drive two inches from their bumper, and do not swerve around them. Is this behavior worth ruining someone’s day?

Some drivers do not realize the effect they can have on others by expressing their anger.

I remember watching a film about the butterfly effect. When you do something it can drastically effect someone else’s life.

The film I watched showed the different scenarios of the same event after a women pushes over another person. One scenario is the woman who got pushed, committing suicide.

I’m not saying every time you are rude to someone on the road or do something selfish it will take someone’s life, but when it comes down to a simple choice to let someone go in front of you or speed past them, why not let them go? Why not have that person start out their day with a kind gesture?

If you are kind to people, they will share that kindness. It is the best gift you can give to someone.

Things you do can either make or break someone’s attitude and that is a responsibility I believe everyone carries.

I have never honked my horn at someone, and I don’t plan to unless it is a life or death situation. I generally have a negative outlook on life, but when it comes to treating others kindly, I will not hesitate to try to help someone.

It amazes me how some people can take their anger out on others for simple mistakes like going a little slow or merging into a lane in front of you.

As a new driver, almost all of my experiences have been negative.

I know I am a good driver. I am aware. I follow the laws, and I am mindful of others.

Maybe I have bad luck and that is why I always have to deal with angry drivers, but I feel if everyone was just kind to others on the road, driving wouldn’t be such a burden.