Max’s Mayhem

Thanksgiving is the most American holiday, and one of my personal favorites. It doesn’t get much more American than stuffing yourself with food to the point that you have to buy pants that are two sizes larger than normal.

Along with the smorgasbord of food, here in America we celebrate thanksgiving by watching football. So what better way to spend turkey day than sitting back and watching America’s team beat up on the ‘skins?

Watching the Cowboys on thanksgiving has become an American tradition for many. There’s something about that silver and blue that makes it hard to not love them, especially on Thanksgiving Thursday.

The ‘boys have already started the season with a 5-1 record and are ranked first in the competitive NFC East.

This year’s Cowboys team is young and rejuvenated. With rookie quarterback Dak Prescott from Mississippi State under center there is no question that the Cowboys are favorites for the thanksgiving game.

Prescott isn’t the only flashy new name in Dallas. Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has already trampled his way into the league rushing for 703 yards through six weeks (a rookie record).

If Elliot continues his dominance he could possibly be on track for a 2,000 yard season which has only been done seven times throughout history.