Ravens rough start

Will Amos, Online Editor

The NFL season started a few weeks ago and some teams have already crashed and burned and some are doing well. Then there are teams like the Ravens who have three wins and four losses.

The Ravens have had one of the easiest schedules with their first 7 games being against the Bills, Browns, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Giants, and Jets. The only teams they have beaten are the Bills, Jags, and Browns.

Let’s going to start with the wins.

The three games the Ravens have won, they haven’t won by more than six points. The Bills are the number 13 team, which is better than the Ravens, so we can give the Ravens that, but that game had the highest difference in scores.

The Browns are the worst team in the league and have a 0-7 record and the Ravens only managed to beat them by five points, and the Browns were leading for most of the game. Next is the Jags who are ranked 23 in the NFL; we beat them by two points.

The games that we are winning are too close. These are teams that we should be beating by more than just single digit spreads.

The Ravens have lost to the Raiders, Redskins, Giants, and Jets. Every loss the Ravens have had have been close, with the highest spread of points being eight. The Raiders are the fifth best team in the NFL while the Ravens are the 19. We only lost to them by a point so I consider that pretty good.

The Redskins were the next team the Ravens lost to. The Redskins are doing pretty well this season, but the Ravens just dig their own graves and they’re the reason they lost another game where they could’ve won. The Ravens could’ve beat the Giants, and every other team they have played so far, but they make it hard on themselves and, again, they dug their own grave.

The Ravens then played the Jets in a game which started off well, but then spiraled out of control. The Ravens started off with the lead, but then let the Jets come back in a game where they, the Jets, shouldn’t have won.

All in all I think the Ravens should have a much better record than they have currently and believe that they are not playing to their full potential. They can win these games, but they just do stupid things which cost them the win.

If you want to see the rest of the Ravens schedule then go to http://www.baltimoreravens.com/gameday/season-schedule.html